Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Carter is here!


 Carter William was born November 2nd at 3:15 pm.  While trying to clean him up the nurses noticed that is very difficult to suction out the fluid he had swallowed.  When looking at the back of his throat there was a very small opening in the back.  They were very concerned that he wasn't going to get enough oxygen and be able to eat.  So they whisked him away from me to the nursery to make sure he was going to be okay.  Once they pediatrician looked at him they discovered that he actual has a cleft pallet.  It's only on the soft pallet and in the very back.  Well the hospital we were at did not have the equipment and to take care of him so they decided to transport him to Primary Childrens.  I was very lucky to be able to hold him and see him before they took him by ambulance.  Here is a picture of him before they took him away.  

It looks a really scary but he was just being monitored and nothing else.  He was breathing well on his own and happy as a clam.  Once he was there the nurse called me to let me know that he had arrived safe and to ask me if it was okay to give him a bottle.  I said of course because of if he's eating he's getting better.

He ate really good and
 they gave him a bath.  He loved having his hair washed!!!  What a handsome boy I've got!  So I was released the next day from my hospital and I went as fast as I could to Primary's.  I felt so much better once I was there with Carter.  They had given me a sleeping pill to help me sleep the night before, great idea or I probably would have not slept.

Carter will have to a surgery to fix the cleft pallet but only one! This was fantastic news!  He will need to do speak therapy but in all it's the best case scenario for a cleft pallet.  As long as he is gaining weight and eating good we won't have to do the surgery until he's around 8 months. 
Carter got a new hat from my mother in-law.  Graydon was very excited can you guess why?


We even got to spend some time with him while he was awake.  He has beautiful eyes!

And the best part of all was he finally got to miss his big sister!!  Kayla was super excited.  She would hold him a little bit then let someone else hold him then she would hold him again.  She couldn't hold still.  Then me and Graydon took her to dinner in the cafeteria, just us.  She really enjoyed that.  She just loves her little brother.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's tomorrow!

That's right baby boy will be joining us tomorrow!!  I am so excited!  We have prepped Kayla with all the different things that are going to happen.  She is going to have her first sleep over at Baba's house tomorrow night.  She is pretty excited about that.  She knows that tomorrow mommy is going to the doctor's and the doctor is going to help the baby come out.  I'm so happy she accepts this explanation right now.  We just entered the why phase and she could be asking more questions.  She also knows that mommy and the baby have to stay at the hospital for a little bit to make sure they are healthy and strong.  We haven't promised her when she will see her brother because we don't know.  So next time I post it will be of our expanded family!!
I'm so excited to finally meet this guy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inducement date set!!

I set up my inducement today!! I'm so excited it will be on November 2nd in the morning!  That's less than 2 weeks from now.  Of course he could decide to come on his own too.  I'm already at a 2 1/2 and next week my doctor will be at a conference and Graydon has 3 tests.  So if murphy's law comes into effect here I will go into labor next week right before one of Graydon's tests.  Well we shall see what happens.  I'm excited to have an end date in sight and it's so close.  It also means I only have 7 more days of work which is nice!

Well until next time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

There is an end in sight!!

So had my doctor's appointment yesterday and I'm dilating nicely and the baby is head down and dropped down.  Now most of this is making me more uncomfortable because he is so low but there is good news.  My doctor says he could come any day but if he doesn't come by November 2nd he will induce me!!  Yea that's a week before my due date so if baby doesn't come on his own I only have a little over 2 weeks to go!  It made me so happy to hear!  I was induced a week early with Kayla and I loved being induced.  I only felt a half hour of contractions and I was able to get everything in order because it was planned.  But we shall see if he waits that long, he is so low that the doctor could actually feel his head when he was checking me.  THERE IS A END IN SIGHT!  I can't wait to meet the little guy!  Kayla has started asking when her brother will be here.  I have to tell her soon but she doesn't really understand that.  I'm ready for him to make his entrance but we will have to wait and see.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

28 weeks

I can't believe I am in my third trimester!  It has gone by so fast.  With Kayla I was so ahead of the game and was all about getting everything ready.  But with this one it sure is sneaking up on me.  I don't feel like I'm ready at all or have things out of storage but I also don't feel the need to do that yet.  So I guess I will be doing a lot the last month when I finally realize how close it is.   But other than that I feel pretty good, tired but good.  He is all out front and down low so I can feel it tugging and pulling my stomach when I pick up things.  Kayla is starting to become too difficult for me to lift.  Well this is when the baby is really suppose to pack on the pounds so lets see how big I get.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feeling Very Pregnant

So I am now 25 weeks and I'm really starting to feel very pregnant.  I dropped something at work and found it very tricky to bend over and pick it up.  I am having a harder time getting up from the ground when I sit down to interact with the kids at school.  The baby is kicking around more and more and Kayla is getting excited now that she sees my belly getting bigger.  I am trying to keep Kayla as involved as ever.  The other day I was washing and putting away clothes that my friend gave me and Kayla had to comment on every outfit and I had her help me put them away.  I have so many clothes for 0 to 3 months that I'm very excited about that.  This picture is of what I have put away already and I still have tons more to put away.

Speaking of Kayla she is being such a big girl.  The other night she decided that she didn't want to wear pull ups to bed any more.  We said okay and after a couple nights of accidents she has been doing great with no accidents.  I'm very proud of her!!  It will be nice to have her completely potty trained and only one kid in diapers!! When she was refusing to poop on the potty I bribed her.  She wanted a princess dress so much!  Well she got it.  here's my cute girl in her princess dress.

So to top off this entry here is a picture of me at 25 weeks.